Tvr frttir af fsturvgsmlum Bandarkjunum

Supreme Court Blocks Release of More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Part Sales

The United States Supreme Court has blocked the release of more videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of aborted babies.

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The Trump administration must help facilitate abortions for illegal immigrant minors in custody, a federal judge ruled.

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Rkisstjrn Trumps vinnur gegn fsturdeyingum

Sj frttina Trump Admin Helps Secure Pro-Life Victory at UN, Prevents Commission on the Status of Women From Promoting Abortion lkt er a afstu Baracks Obama sem eins og Hillary Clinton vari fsturvg allt fram a fingu.

Engin fura a vinstrivillingar og gervifrjlslyndir hatist vi Trump.

UNICEF vinnur ekki aeins fyrir brn, heldur einnig gegn brnum

a er full sta til a endurbirta essar alvarlegu upplsingar af full reason to republish this serious info. from that website:

The United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) claims to represent the needs 
of children throughout the world. It claims to prioritize a "first call" 
for childrens access to world resources in every nation. It claims, 
through its Convention on the Rights of the Child, to have formulated a 
program that will help guarantee well-being and respect for all children.

Such claims form a false face masking a cynical program that uses children 
to prevent other children from being born. UNICEFS record reveals that it 
is not a champion of children or family values. Throughout the world, 
UNICEF promotes population control programs which advocate abortion and 
utilize bookjuggling antics to fund abortifacients and sterilizations.

If its true that were known by the company we keep, UNICEF may be better 
understood by examining some of its insidious collaborations.

UNICEF Collaborates

An "interagency partnership" composed of the United Nations Childrens Fund 
(UNICEF), the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 
the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Fund for Population 
Activities (UNFPA), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and 
the Population Council (PC) have proposed a "Safe Motherhood Initiative" 
centered on the legalization of abortion within all public and private 
maternal and health programs in developing countries. Within the 
partnership, the World Bank is intended to provide the economic compulsion 
and guaranteed funds necessary to carry out the agenda.

UNICEF Promotes Population Control

UNICEF networks are a major conduit for abortion pressures and for 
abortifacient drugs, devices and sterilizations promoted by the United 
Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), the World Health 
Organization (WHO), the World Bank (the Bank) and the International Planned 
Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

UNFPA has been denied funding by the United States Congress because of 
UNFPAs involvement in directing and managing the coerced abortion and 
sterilization program in China. Both UNFPA and IPPF are noted for their 
abortion advocacy and activity. IPPF has illegally supplied vacuum 
aspiration kits for abortions to the Philippines, Bangladesh, Korea, 
Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and India. Yet UNICEF has provided funds for 
both organizations ("The Hastings Center Report," Vol.10, No.2, April, 

The lack of access to alternative health care options in developing 
nations, combined with the politicized propaganda and health-destroying 
technologies of international population control idealogues, strongly 
impacts on patients abilities to give informed consent in UNICEF maternal 
and Child Health Care (MCH) settings.

UNICEFs Pornographic Sex Education

UNICEF uses pornographic sex education programs. The programs were 
purchased from the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in 
Family Planning (JOICFP) to "educate" children. The films, produced by 
JOICFP and MEXFAM, the Mexican IPPF affiliate, are titled "The Blue Pigeon" 
and "Music For Two. "

The "Blue Pigeon" is a cartoon targeted at 10 and 12-year-old children 
which graphically depicts sexual intercourse between two children attending 
a childrens picnic.

"Music for Two" depicts a young girl who imagines herself married. In her 
fantasy she sees an image of a tired, overworked and overburdened, pregnant 
woman with several children. Her husband is shown as indifferent and 
uninterested in either his wife or the children. The negative message is 
that, in marriage, women become nothing more than breeders and slaves. As 
the girl acts out her sexual fantasies with a young boy in her neighborhood 
they engage in graphically depicted sexual intercourse after outfitting 
each other with birth control devices. At the end of the film, the girl 
skips off happily, having had commitment-free intercourse without the 
prospect of a burdensome marriage (Patricia Poppe, Luis Maria Aller Atucha, 
"Integrated Project and IEC Materials in Guatemala and Mexico, " JOICFP).

U.N. Rights of the Child? Wrong!!

Within the language of The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child
promulgated by UNICEF, parental rights and responsibilities become subject
to government determination while children are separated from parents and
families as individuals with separate rights which cannot be abridged.
Included among the rights which may not be denied to children is the right
to health care which incorporates rights to contraceptive services; the
right to privacy, which has been responsible for the deaths of over 25
million children in the United States alone; the right to express their
views and to have their views given due weight; and the right to seek,
receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of
frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art or
through any other media of the childs choice.

UNICEFS False Denials

UNICEF denies that it advances any advocacy of particular family planning
methods or abortion. It denies that it funds contraceptive supplies and
sterilization programs. In fact, the public record shows that UNICEF, just
as it claims, "does not advocate any particular view on the choice of the
family planning method." Indeed, UNICEF promotes all methods,

Coercive Implications

UNICEF boldly predicts that the number of children being born into the 
world will "peak" and then "decline" in the late 1990s. (UNICEF; The State 
of the Worlds Children, 1990, 4). It is UNICEFs stated intention to 
produce pressures to bring this about, as the following examples 

     World Population Conference in 1974: WHO, supported by UNICEF,
     worked to establish a public policy "link between health care
     and family planning" (Maggie Black, "The Children and the
     Nations, The Story of UNICEF," 257)

     Henry Labouisse, UNICEFs executive director speaking at that
     conference: ". . . national policies in the population field
     must be translated into specific measures that directly touch
     the lives of individual families" (Ibid.).

     James Grant, the present UNICEF executive director: "The central
     issue of our time may well turn out to be how the world
     addresses the problem of ever-expanding human numbers"
     ("National Concord," Friday, Jan. 18, 1991).

     UNICEF and WHO cooperation: ". . . in creation of population
     awareness for policy makers and opinion leaders...." This
     cooperation has included "contraceptive prevalence and fertility
     preference." Population control pressures and methodologies were
     also integrated into sanitation, parasite control and nutrition
     programs (1987 Report by the Executive Director of UNFPA).

Commitment to Population Control

     Jamaica: UNICEF received $720,684 in UNFPA funds for the purchase of
contraceptives for the National Family Planning Program ("UNFPA Inventory
of Population Projects in Developing Countries Around the World," 1987/88,

     Kenya: UNICEF received $700,000 from the World Bank for a Population
Project which established an interagency information and education program
for the promotion of a small family norm; and provided funds for the
establishment of 300 new Maternal and Child Health Family Planning
(MCH/FP) units and an additional 300 Health Centres to be operated by the
Ministry of Health. "In order to increase the projects impact on
fertility, the project was amended in 1985 to include surgical
contraceptive (sterilization) facilities in 13 district hospitals and
family planning clinics" (292).

     Malawi: UNICEF received $1.8 million from the World Bank to
participate in a "Family Health Project." The family health components
included MCH services, primary health care, child spacing and nutrition.
In addition, the project would assist in the development of surgical
contraception services (sterilization) and expansion of urban and rural
family health services by training of staff, traditional birth and village
health attendants. The population increase would be slowed through an
increase in women using modern contraceptive methods (333).

     Nepal: UNICEF received $795,569 from UNFPA to participate in a joint
project to support FP/MCH activities; provide selected contraceptives; and
organize, expand and improve the quality of sterilization in mobile units
country-wide and in regular health institutions in non-integrated
districts (395).

     Bangladesh: UNFPA provided $5,453,023 to UNICEF to "provide support
to the integrated maternal and child health/family planning services and
to the Population Control and Family Planning Division. ("Inventory of
Population Projects in Developing Countries Around the World," 1988/1 989,

     Burundi: World Bank funds in the amount of $1.8 million were given to
UNICEF for the purpose of engaging in a Population and Health Project "to
improve maternal and child health status" by strengthening MCH/FP services
and nutrition and "to increase contraceptive prevalence to 14 percent by
1992" (86).

     UNICEF/Kenya, UNICEF/United Republic of Tanzania and UNICEF/Uganda
distributed a primary school education magazine, Pied Crow Environmental
Special Magazine. The publication is a seven issue series on awareness of
population growth for primary school children ("UNFPA Inventory of
Population Projects in Developing Countries Around the World" 1989/1990

     Malaysia: UNICEF participated as executing agent in a $6.5 million
UNFPA Project to consolidate current population programs and further
integrate family planning with other family development programs (331).

UNICEF denies its complicity by crying, "clean hands, clean hands!" while
slyly using World Bank and UNFPA population control money to fund the
clinics, stock the shelves, train the midwives and village health workers
and pay for vans used by those who tour the countryside of developing
nations sterilizing the people.

The public record provides a clear chronicle of UNICEFS operations which
fund abortion advocacy, abortifacient/contraceptive supplies and

The face behind the mask at UNICEF is a very ugly one, indeed. Brn eru alltaf brn
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Mississippi stytta eir n heimild til fsturvgs um 5 vikur, en Logi Samfisti, ttarr Propp, Silja Bra marsdttir og Gurn gmundsdttir vilja lengja drpsheimild hr um 10 vikur!

Fagna berfrttaf tmabrri lagabreytingu. a er ekki ltils viri, a Missisippi-rki verur "ruggasti staur Bandarkjunum fyrir fdd brn", eins og rkisstjrinn Bryant kemst a ori.
"Hin nja lggjf kveur um bann vi ungunarrofi [sic!!!] eftir fimmtndu viku og v eru gerar far undantekningar. Konur sem vera ungaar eftir naugun ea sifjaspell geta til a mynda ekki lengur fari fstureyingu Mississippi egar meira en 15 vikur eru linar af megngunni.

Hins vegar verur fram hgt a rjfa ungun a essum tma linum egar lf murinnar er tali vera httu ea egar fstri er alvarlega vanskapa." (
arna er sem s veri a stytta heimildina til fsturdeyingar r 20 vikum fimmtn, og verur a hvorki kalla byltingarkennd breyting n brilegt fyrir neinn.
etta er hins vegar verfugt vi skir og stefnu "frjlslyndra", sem svo kalla sig, hr slandi, sem vilja a hgt s a setja lkna og hjkrunarflk a blsthellingarstarf a sltra fddum brnum allt upp fimm mnaa gmlum, til loka 22. viku megngu! -- og af hvaa stu? ENGRI, sem gefa urfi upp, vilja bara setja a lg hr, a hver ltt kona geti krafizt essa a vild sinni ar til barni er ori fullra 5 mnaa!
akka m fyrir birtingufrttarinnar, fyrir utan aulalega fyrirsgnina, sem eltist vi fegrunar- og feluor fsturvgsmanna Landsptalalinni!

Adrepamig ermannsmor, ekki ungunarrof!

etta er hnd fdds barns, 12vikum eftir getna. a er eins og a gefi okkur merki:

Komi ekki umlungi nr! Lti okkur frii! Vi erum eins saklaus og vera m!


Stop killing us!

This is the hand of an unborn child, 12th week after fertilization it is as if it is saying:
Stop! Not an inch farther! Leave us alive! We are as innocent as innocent can be!

Let us spare the lives of the unborn. But the cruel fact is: They are not spared!

This is the great sin of the West. Much of it occurs even at the cost of deadly pain.

Jn Valur Jensson.

PS. More photos of the unborn can be seenhere. On the writers information service Lfsrttur (Right to Life), seehere. He is also chairman of the board of the registered charity Mir og barn (Mother and Child), est. in 1987, in Reykjavik, Iceland, which has helped many single mothers (incl. pregnant ones) with subsidized rent.

Barnafrnir trar og vantrar

Sum tr (eins og Azteka) var lfshttuleg, leiddi til barnafrna, mannfrna reyndar tugsunda tali ri hverju. Kristin tr hefur aldrei gert a, ekki einu einasta barni. Trlaus veraldarhyggjan gerir a hins vegar, krefur 40-50 milljnir fddra barna um lf eirra hverju ri!!

Mikilvg skorun bandarska ingmenn sem eins vi um slenzka sem hugleia hvort leyfa eigi fsturdrp til loka 22. viku: LEYFI EKKI KVL HINNA FDDU!

Eftirfarandi brf var a berast mr (JVJ):

Dear Friend,

Your calls and emails WORKED! Leader McConnell has announced a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as early as Monday, January 29. We need you to now turn your attention to your senators and make sure they are voting in favor of this crucial legislation.

Please call (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak to each of your two senators, and encourage them to vote in favor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, S. 1922.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act protects unborn children nationwide after 20-weeks gestation, based on the scientific fact that an unborn child can feel pain in utero. This legislation also protects women who face a substantially higher risk of complications from a late-term abortion. As of this date, 20 states have passed similar legislation, and it is time for Congress to follow suit.

There is widespread scientific consensus that, by this point in fetal development, the unborn child has the capability to feel excruciating pain. At 20-weeks gestation, a humans neural pain system is fully developed; however, the higher-level pain modifying system has not fully developed. This means, at 20 weeks, an unborn child has not yet developed the coping systems to deal with stimuli that a fully developed child has.

Therefore, babies at 20 weeks will not only feel pain from an abortion, but will feel pain more intensely than most adults would likely experience. The most common abortion for a child at this gestation is a D&E (dismemberment and evacuation) abortion, which literally tears the child apart. Abortion doctors have testified before Congress that this type of abortion requires a doctor to count limbs to ensure the entire body has been evacuated from the mothers uterus.

A nationwide consensus on when an elective abortion should no longer be legal is not a radical policy. In fact, a January 2018 Marist poll showed 63% of Americans, including 56% of Americans who identify as pro-choice, support banning abortions after 20 weeks. Currently, the United States joins only seven nations worldwide including Vietnam, China, and North Korea in allowing elective abortions as late as 23 weeks, and that is a radical policy. The U.S. leads the world in standing for human rights. Causing an unborn child, who would otherwise receive the benefit of anesthesia if he/she was undergoing surgery in utero, to feel the pain of an elective, late-term abortion is hardly leading on this front.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is one of the most crucial pieces of human rights legislation in Congress today. It is time that our laws reflect the principles which have upheld our government, like that of life life for the baby that feels pain when poked or prodded in the womb, and the life of the mother whose life is at risk when seeking a late-term abortion.

With your help, we can save lives.

Yours truly,

Penny Nance
Penny Nance
CEO and President
Concerned Women for America

Tyrkneskt rttlti: lfstarfangelsi fyrir naugun og mor srlenzkrar, lttrar flttakonu og drp tu mnaa barns hennar

tti engum a ofbja dmurinn yfir gerendunum tveimur, Tyrkjum sem ruddust inn hsni konunnar og manns hennar, rndu mginunum og drpu au ti skgi. Sjlfur hefi hann kosi a eir gyldu fyrir glpina me lfi snu.

Ljsir punktar eru dmnum: skmmin og lng fangelsun virkar vel til frflingar fr slkum hfuglpum; og ngjulegt er, a eim verur ekki boi upp snska lxus-fangelsisvist! Hrottar lfstarfangelsi
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Lfi er ess viri a lifa v - Blessa barnaln

Yndislegt var a lesa um brungu murina og litla jlabarni hennar fylgiblai Frttablasins dag, Flk. "Hin unga mir, Svanhildur Helga Berg,segir barni vera blessun og hafa fyllt sig lfsglei. Murhlutverki s dsamlegt."

"Camilla Von er einstaklega skr og dugleg stlka, var farin a ganga nu mnaa, er komin me nokkurn orafora og er farin a hlaupa og dansa um allt."

Og hr eru r mgurnar geislandi af hamingju:


a rignir hamingjuskunum yfir Svanhildi og Camillu Von, sem verur eins rs afangadag. Meal annars skrifar ar nnur mir,Brynja Bjarnadottir:

"J til hamingju me litlu, j ert frbr mir, maur les a og sr. 16 ra j..........dttir mn var lka 16 ra og sonur hennar var 21 rs 2. desember...... fstureying kom aldrei til greina enda er hann n orinn a drlegum ungum manni sem allir elska."
J, lfi er ess viri a lifa v . . . og leyfa v a lifa. a vissiSvanhildur Helga fr byrjun:
g var strax kvein a eignast barni og fstureying hvarflai ekki a mr. a var ekkert fyrir mig.
g var ekkert srstaklega tru en eftir a g eignaist Camillu breyttist vihorf mitt. g get ekki skili hvernig venjuleg sextn ra stelpa gat bi til lifandi manneskju me sl, tilfinningar og persnuleika. a hltur a vera eitthva til sem er ra manninum en a er erfitt a tskra.

Camilla er jlabarn me rentu og yfir sig heillu af jlaskrautinu og jlaljsunum.

g elska a sj hana dansa og segja nja hluti. Mr finnst rosalega gaman a vera mamma og a hefur gengi vel tt a geti lka veri erfitt stundum. a kostar andvkuntur eins og n tanntkunni, en maur gleymir v strax egar hn er hress og vakandi.

Camilla var farin a ganga nu mnaa og hleypur n um allt, rtt a vera rsgmul." (

tlar Agnes a verja ftka - og hvenr fddu brnin?

Er ekki ru rf en ahkka biskupslaun upp eina og hlfamilljn mnui? Ea geta ftkir n banka upp hj henni, eins og essi 5 barna bgstadda mirsem 15.000 kr. fyrir sig og sna t mnuinn?

En um Agnesi verur asegja eins og er:

Ekki ver hn fdd brn,*

en efla vill sinn hag sem mest.

Vi efsta dm er engin vrn

a afsakast me vizkubrest.**

* Sj

** Sj Matth. 25.41-45: "... munu eir svara: Drottinn, hvenr sum vr ig hungraan ea yrstan, gestkominn ea nakinn, sjkan ea fangelsi og hjlpuum r ekki? Hann mun svara eim: Sannlega segi g yur: Allt sem r geru ekki einum minna minnstu brra, a hafi r ekki heldur gert mr." Laun biskups hkka
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Af hverju fkkar tvburafingum um 26% milli ra?

Undarleg virist s mikla fkkun egar fingar standa nnast sta milli ra, fkkar um innan vi 1%. Hefur efnishyggja og "val" foreldra til fstureyinga (fsturvga fremur en "ungunarrofs") og e.t.v. fjlgun keisaraskura um 4% hr sn hrif?

Eru til eir foreldrar sem san geta minnzt ess, horfandi barn sitt, a vi hli ess hefi tt a vera vinur ess tvburinn? Verur a "bezt geymda leyndarml" vikomandi foreldra nstu ratugina og jafnframt a ungbrasta reynd?

Hvaa lfs- og slar-raunir er veri a leggja ungaar konur og foreldra me nttrlegu "valfrelsi" eirra til fstureyinga? Fullan tt essu "valfrelsi" og vali taka lknar kvennadeild LSH sem eru a.m.k. sumir hverjir mjg hlynntir fjlgun fstureyinga hj ungum konum. Og s "rgjf" eirra hefur v miur sn hrif.

Jn Valur Jensson. Fingum landsvsu hefur fkka
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Gurn blstast, ykist til alls fr - veit ekki gott

Hn greip til bltsyra hn Gurn gmundsdttir, ttist geta allan and....ann! Kannski bandalagi vi mestu fsturvgssamtk heims, sem Gulaugur r rarson dlir milljnum (ekki snum eigin, heldur okkar!). IPPF, International Planned Parenthood Federation eru vgaleg samtk, ekki sur en Gurn, enda stunda au fsturvg massavs Bandarkjunum og rija heiminum. Fr eim fr Gurn sna herhvt n sem fyrr.

J, vissulega eru skiptar skoanir v hvort rf s nju kvennaframboi dag til a koma feminskum sjnarmium framfri og hvortrf sgamalla Kvennalistakvenna eim slag. Hafa r ekki gert ngu margt illt af sr n egar?Hafa ekki htt 20.000 kynsystur eirra fengi a smakka dauanum vegna krfugerar herskrra rausokka upp r 1970, sem leiddi til fstureyingalaganna 1975?

Er nokku rangt me fari hr essari upptalningu?

EnGurn gmundsdttir ykist til alls fr. a veit ekki gott. Henni og Sleyju Bender (annarri bandime IPPF) tkst a vefja klaufann ttar Propp um fingur sr og seia upp r honum lofgjrar Alingi um tillgur eirra um a drepa mtti fdd brn allt til fullrar fimm mnaa megngu (22 vikna) a sk, nei, krfu mra eirra! Og fleiri vitsmunalegir aular tku undir, Logi Einarsson me mttlegustum htti, en einnig menn eins og Jn Steindr Valdimarsson, sem aldrei hefi tt a komast Alingi, tt hann teldi sig reifa etta ml me eim htti sem gengi krfugerarl.

etta er str -- str gegn hinum fddu tugsunda tali hr landi, eins og slendingum vri ftt nytsamlegra en a eignast ng af brnum. erum vi n langtunder replacement level. tli Gurn atvinnufemnisti skilji a og afleiingarnar? Ea krir hn sig kolltta um framt jar okkar og velfer barna okkar?

Jn Valur Jensson. Vi getum allan andskotann
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Nsta sa

Um bloggi




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