Frsluflokkur: Abortion

Mikilvg skorun bandarska ingmenn sem eins vi um slenzka sem hugleia hvort leyfa eigi fsturdrp til loka 22. viku: LEYFI EKKI KVL HINNA FDDU!

Eftirfarandi brf var a berast mr (JVJ):

Dear Friend,

Your calls and emails WORKED! Leader McConnell has announced a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as early as Monday, January 29. We need you to now turn your attention to your senators and make sure they are voting in favor of this crucial legislation.

Please call (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak to each of your two senators, and encourage them to vote in favor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, S. 1922.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act protects unborn children nationwide after 20-weeks gestation, based on the scientific fact that an unborn child can feel pain in utero. This legislation also protects women who face a substantially higher risk of complications from a late-term abortion. As of this date, 20 states have passed similar legislation, and it is time for Congress to follow suit.

There is widespread scientific consensus that, by this point in fetal development, the unborn child has the capability to feel excruciating pain. At 20-weeks gestation, a humans neural pain system is fully developed; however, the higher-level pain modifying system has not fully developed. This means, at 20 weeks, an unborn child has not yet developed the coping systems to deal with stimuli that a fully developed child has.

Therefore, babies at 20 weeks will not only feel pain from an abortion, but will feel pain more intensely than most adults would likely experience. The most common abortion for a child at this gestation is a D&E (dismemberment and evacuation) abortion, which literally tears the child apart. Abortion doctors have testified before Congress that this type of abortion requires a doctor to count limbs to ensure the entire body has been evacuated from the mothers uterus.

A nationwide consensus on when an elective abortion should no longer be legal is not a radical policy. In fact, a January 2018 Marist poll showed 63% of Americans, including 56% of Americans who identify as pro-choice, support banning abortions after 20 weeks. Currently, the United States joins only seven nations worldwide including Vietnam, China, and North Korea in allowing elective abortions as late as 23 weeks, and that is a radical policy. The U.S. leads the world in standing for human rights. Causing an unborn child, who would otherwise receive the benefit of anesthesia if he/she was undergoing surgery in utero, to feel the pain of an elective, late-term abortion is hardly leading on this front.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is one of the most crucial pieces of human rights legislation in Congress today. It is time that our laws reflect the principles which have upheld our government, like that of life life for the baby that feels pain when poked or prodded in the womb, and the life of the mother whose life is at risk when seeking a late-term abortion.

With your help, we can save lives.

Yours truly,

Penny Nance
Penny Nance
CEO and President
Concerned Women for America

Af hverju fkkar tvburafingum um 26% milli ra?

Undarleg virist s mikla fkkun egar fingar standa nnast sta milli ra, fkkar um innan vi 1%. Hefur efnishyggja og "val" foreldra til fstureyinga (fsturvga fremur en "ungunarrofs") og e.t.v. fjlgun keisaraskura um 4% hr sn hrif?

Eru til eir foreldrar sem san geta minnzt ess, horfandi barn sitt, a vi hli ess hefi tt a vera vinur ess tvburinn? Verur a "bezt geymda leyndarml" vikomandi foreldra nstu ratugina og jafnframt a ungbrasta reynd?

Hvaa lfs- og slar-raunir er veri a leggja ungaar konur og foreldra me nttrlegu "valfrelsi" eirra til fstureyinga? Fullan tt essu "valfrelsi" og vali taka lknar kvennadeild LSH sem eru a.m.k. sumir hverjir mjg hlynntir fjlgun fstureyinga hj ungum konum. Og s "rgjf" eirra hefur v miur sn hrif.

Jn Valur Jensson. Fingum landsvsu hefur fkka
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

a ganga fram hj essu, loka bara augunum?

MARY THOMASritai gr:

The aborted baby is torn apart and actually experiences physical agony. This has now been proved beyond doubt and many doctors now refuse to perform abortions as a result of the scientific findings. Women are being lied to, the baby is not anaesthetised even if the mother is, it feels everything.

(margt fleira gott ar)

Record number of abortions in spite of the extra 'morning after pill' and a decline in pregnancies. Immigration the solution?

The web medium Iceland Monitor:

Last year, 2016, a record number of abortions took place in Iceland with a total of 1.021 abortions. This is the first time that the number of abortions in one year surpasses a thousand.

In 2016, 13 abortions were made to every 1000 women of a fertile age. In comparison, that figure is 13.3 in other Nordic countries in 2015.

The birth-rate of Icelandic women in childbearing age has, for the first time, declined as low as to 1.75 children per woman, far below the minimumreplacement figure of 2.11. This means that the Icelandic nation will not, going on like this, be able to stop shrinking markedly, except by way of importing new citizens.

This last-mentioned option may, indeed, "solve" the issue in some people's mind, but, then, it will not be done without raising new problems, too.

The greatest of these are the consequences of mass immigration of moslems, which may seem minor or marginal in the beginning years, but rise to a gigantic problem in the ensuing decades, not just because the moslems are breeding at about three times more speed than the indigenous population, but also because some of their their social traditions, disrespect of women, harmful behaviour towards women and young girls (painful and permanently damaging circumcision, practicesd by a lot of Pakistanis and some other nationalities in Scandinavia and Britain, for example), hostility preached in many of the mosques againstWestern values and ways of living, also theteaching of Sharia law, and strict Sharia punishments inflicted upon members of muslim sects in the hosting Western countries, all this and more shows that adaption of muslims to European society is far from being easy, and their Westernization virtually impossible, speaking of their communities as a whole, though many individual exceptionsdo admittedly exist.

People tend to think that these problems will fade away, and that moslems in Europe will gradually become secularized as the rest of society, and that mixing of ethnicities and religion (as well as of the non-believers) will lead to a more moderate outcome on the whole. But this is exactly in contradiction to what has been taking place in many Western European countries such as in Britain and in Scandinavia, where 2nd and 3rd generation moslems often tend to become more religiously radicalized than their parents. And this has much to do with the mosques being used for such ideological campaign aganst Christianity and unbelief. Clear examples of this may be looked up in excellent books already translated into Icelandic:

(To be continued.)

Sj einnig hr:

Hrap frjsemi slendinga: einungis 1,75 brn hvert par! stefnt a islamsvingu landsins?


Stop killing us!

This is the hand of an unborn child, 12th week after fertilization it is as if it is saying:
Stop! Not an inch farther! Leave us alive! We are as innocent as innocent can be!

Let us spare the lives of the unborn. But the cruel fact is: They are not spared!

This is the great sin of the West. Much of it occurs even at the cost of deadly pain.

Jn Valur Jensson.

PS. More photos of the unborn can be seenhere. On the writer's information service Lfsrttur (Right to Life), seehere. He is also chairman of the board of the registered charity Mir og barn (Mother and Child), est. in 1987, in Reykjavik, Iceland, which has helped many single mothers (incl. pregnant ones) with subsidized rent.

Endurbirt af ensku /fjltungu-bloggi hfundar (12. okt. 2013) a gefnu tilefni.

Er etta a sem femnistar vilja? etta eru eir sem 2 fulltrar Planned Parenthood slenzkri, rherraskipari nefnd kippa sr ekkert upp vi a svipta lfsrttinum!

MYNDIRNAR sna: A) Barn ftt eftir 22 vikna megngu* (lifi af; fleiri eru dmi ess):


B) Fstur sem (d)eytt var 22 vikna vegna ess a hndina vantai:

This baby was terminated at 22 weeks in Russia due to the absence of a hand.

This case was submitted toSonoWorldby Andrey Volkov, MD, PhD.,Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1 Rostov Medical University, Rostov on Don, Russia.
*Nnar hr:

PS. Sj einnig hr:Rmlega fimmfalt fleiri andvgir v en hlynntir a auka heimildir til fstureyinga. Rherrar hvor rum skelfilegri!

Upphlaupshpar demkrata og dauamenningarsinna reyna me ahrpum a flkjast fyrir lfsverndarstefnu Trumps

"Host" hefur hinga til veri jkvtt hugtak ensku: gestgjafi, og engin sta fyrir lberalista Mogganum a gera lti r bandarskum ingmanni sem sagi ungaar konur einfaldlega gestgjafa sinna fddu afkvma. Fstri er EKKI partur af lkama konunnar, ekki frekar en okkar fddu brn eru partur af lkmum okkar. [1] A velja hugtaki "hsill" sem ingu host er einfaldlega a grpatil ltillkkandi ors sem ltur ingmanninn komalesendumneikvtt fyrir sjnir a sekju.

En ...

Ntt lagafrumvarp, sem er n til umru Oklahoma-rki Bandarkjanna, neyir konur til ess a urfa leyfi fr karlmanni tli r fstureyingar. Veri frumvarpi samykkt urfa konur skriflegt leyfi fr karlmanni svo a lknir geti eytt fstri.

Hfundur frumvarpsins, ingmaurinn Justin Humphrey, hefur kalla ungaar konur ekkert nema hsla [sic!!!] (e. hosts) og segir a me frumvarpinu fi karlmaurinn einhverju a ra egar a kemur a v a eya fstrum.

Frumvarpi hefur hinsvegar veri nokku gagnrnt og sagt niurlgja konur. ( sagi fr.)

Hinga til hafa barnsfeurnir (jafnvel eiginmenn, sem ekkja bezt astur eigin heimili til a taka vi barni) veri gersamlega tilokair fr v a geta a lgum komi veg fyrir "eyingu" afkvma sinna. annig hefur praxsinn veri Bandarkjunum eftir Roe vs. Wade-rskur hstarttar 1975 og einnig hr landi rtt fyrir skr or 4. mlsli 13. greinarlaganna fr 1975um a "S ess kostur, skal maurinn taka tt umskn konunnar, nema srstakar stur mli gegn v." --etta, er vita, hefur tal oft veri snigengi af starfsflki Landsptalans. --En enda tt hr, essari vefsu upplsingajnustu Lfsrttar, s tekin einr afstaa gegn fsturvgum og ar me einnig gegn meintum "rtti" hvort heldur mra ea fera til a vega a (ea lta vega a) lfi afkvma sinna, er skiljanlegt, a reynt s me sem flestum rum a takmarka essar agerir og leita stunings vi takmrkun va, og etta mun ugglaust hafa bi huga ingmannsins.

Sji svo hversu "hlutlaus" essi frtt er ea hitt heldur (ea vikomandi blaamaur kannski svona upplstur; a er skrra en a vera viljandi a blekkja):

frtt BBCkemur fram a andstingar fstureyinga hafi stt sig veri eftir a Donald Trump var forseti. Trump hefur m.a. sagt a a tti a refsa konum fyrir a fara fstureyingar ...

En hr er alveg gengi fram hj eirri stareynd, a Trump dr essi or sn fljtlega til baka, eins og kemur fram essari grein hr, svo snemma sem 31. marz 2016:Donald Trump stendur enn me fddu brnunum, .e.a.s. a hanndr til baka au ummli a grpa yrfti til refsingar fyrir konur sem fru lglegt fsturvg.

Framhald tilvsunarinnar til frttar BBC:

...og a hann muni tilnefna andsting fstureyinga sem hstarttadmara. Staa Neil Gorsuch, sem Trump tilnefndi embtti fyrr mnuinum, gagnvart fstureyingum liggur ekki fyrir.

En Gorsuch er mjg flugur dmari og fr lklega skipun starfi; tali er, a hann sstuningsmaur lfsrttar fddra -- alger martr fyrir demkrata eins og Clinton-hjnin og Obama og alla eirra adendur!

Frlegt er etta (sem trlega er ar bygg BBC):

Fyrrnefnt frumvarp sem neyir konur til ess a f samykki karlmanns fyrir fstureyingu leyfir krlum a krefjast faernisprfs ur en agerin fer fram. Lgin myndu ekki eiga vi frnarlmb naugana og sifjaspell[a].


Oklahoma er egar me eina[...]strngustu fstureyingalggjf Bandarkjanna. Rkisstjrinn beitti hinsvegar neitunarvaldi frumvarp sasta ri sem myndi senda lkna sem framkvma fstureyingar fangelsi.

etta framhald snir einnig hlutdrgnina a baki henni:

Konur sem vilja fara fstureyingar Oklahoma urfa n egar a ba 72 klukkustundir eftir agerinni eftir a stt er um hana. urfa r a undirgangast frslu um meint tengsl milli fstureyinga og brjstakrabbameins, rtt fyrir a krabbameinsflg og arir srfringar segi tengslin engin.

Diane Horvath-Cosper, talskona samtakana Physicians for Reproductive Health sem styur fstureyingar, segir frumvarp Humphrey hanna til ess a kalla yfir smn yfir konur og niurlgja r sem skjast eftir fstureyingum.

Samtkin og arir agerarsinnar vonast til ess a frumvarpi komist ekki langt ljsi ess a rkisstjrinn beitti neitunarvaldi fyrra frumvarpi.

Hr er ess a geta (1), a margar rannsknir hafa, rtt fyrir essar einhfu stahfingar frttinni, bent til tengsla brjstakrabbameins og fsturvga.

(2) er a sanna ml, a a kalli "smn" yfir konur a urfa a vira essa fyrirhuguu lggjf. r, eins og makar eirra ea rekkjunautar, urfa a sna mannlegu reisn og byrg a ganga ekki til samfara me a sem opi rri a lta rki taka sig a fyrirkoma hugsanlegum afkvmi eirra. Rttur konunnar til kvrunar er ar fyrst og fremst virtur, egar hn hefur etta egar hugfast og fylgir v eftir verki. Konan er frj aeins ltinn hluta af tahring snum og getur auk ess gengi a msum aferum og leium til a koma veg fyrir frjvgun, aferum sem allar eru lkt skrri en a fyrirkoma fstrinu.

(3) lokin er lti a v liggja, a rkisstjrinn Oklahoma-rki hljti a beita neitunarvaldi gegn frumvarpinu, en a er alls vst, v a vita er, a yfirgnfandi meirihlutiBandarkjamanna er andvgur meirihlutanum af fstureyingum.

[1] Sbr. t.d. uppl. essari grein:Fyrrv. formaur Prestaflagsins: "Get ekki fallist a barn sem kona ber undir belti s hluti af hennar lkama".

Jn Valur Jensson.

PS. Gleymum ekki a 12 vikna ltur fstri svona t (og engin kona er fjrftt ea me 20 tr -- etta er EKKI "lkami konunnar"!): Myndu urfa leyfi karlmanns fyrir fstureyingu
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

hugnaur sem sr enn dpri forsendur og gilegar hlistur

Upp komst um 51 manns barnanshring Noregi, me fjlda mynda og myndbanda af frmdum glpum. En ar er einnig um fyrirhugabrot gegn fddu barni eins mannanna a ra! hugnanlegter hugarfar og ferill essara manna:

Lgreglufulltrinn Janne Ringstet Heltne segir a meal afrita af netsamtlum sem lgreglan hefur fundi s samtal manns, sem tti ltta krustu, vi annan mann, ar sem eir lgu rin og lstu kynferisbrotum sem eir tluu a fremja gegn ungbarninu egar a kmi heiminn. (

Dpra verur naumast sokki sileysinu, ea hva? Getur veri, a hitt s nnast jafn-grimmilegt a fremja fsturdrp fddu barni ea jafnvel a leyfa slkt allt fram undir fingu, eins og Hillary Clinton og Obama hafa kosi snum ingferli bandarska inginu?Hvar byrjar sileysi?

Og eru 1,3 milljnir fddra barna, sem frna hefur veri altari eiginhagsmuna annarra ri hverju Bandarkjunum, bara allt lagi, sama tma og vi fordlmum elilega ennan fyrirhugaa glp Normannanna tveggja?

Allir sakborningarnir eru karlmenn og eru sagir koma r llum stigum samflagsins. Margir eirra eru sagir vel menntair og me ga tlvukunnttu. Flagar hringsins notuu meal annars dulkun til a fela spor sn.

heildina lagi lgreglan hald 150 terabt gagna sem innihalda miki magn af myndefni sem snir kynferislega misnotkun brnum. (

a er gott a essi ml komi ll upp yfirbori. En tkum ekki mark sjlfsrttltingu efnishyggjunnar og viss hluta hjkrunarsttta mlefnum fddra barna. Lgu r um brot gegn fddu barni
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Hafa ungar konur veri vingaar til fstureyinga?

A shocking 1 in every 3 women in the UK will have an abortion during their lifetime. The Daily Mail newspaper spoke to a number of women who say they experienced pressure to abort and felt let down by their experiences.

Please LIKE and SHARE! :
In Britain, one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Yet the subject is still rarely discussed, particularly by the women who have them and regret them.

Deilt hr af Facebk Lfsverndar.

Vernd lfsins er enn verkefnaskr plskra stjrnmlamanna

A "sundir" Plverja tku 2. degi tt mtmlum gegn lagafrumvarpi umfsturdeyingarer lti 38 milljna j.Meintri "kgun kirkjunnar" er raka- og gagnrnislaust slegi upp fyrirsgn um mli.

Stuningur vi nverandi stranga lggjf er yfirgnfandi, en er vita, a meal tplega 2.000 tilfella fsturvga rlega Pllandi er sraltill minnihluti vegna lfshttu mur. Va, ar sem gert er r fyrir heimild til essarar huggulegu agerar vegna heilsu ea lfs mur, er tilhneigingin s meal missa lkna og sjkrastofnana a ganga lengra en lagabkstafurinn leyfir raun. Hering refsikva nju frumvarpi helzt hendur vi ettra.

Vestrnir femnistar hafa engan skilning gildi trarinnar hugum ess meirihluta Plverja sem hafnar fsturdeyingum undantekningalti. En ar a auki hefur lengi veri breidd t ekking fsturfrum ar, meiri en hr meal almennings.

Vikomandi fylgjendur "kvenfrelsis" mttu hafa huga, a anna hvert ftt barn er meybarn!

AWSY Women's Embryo Fetus T Shirt PinkImage result for prolife 3rd month

  • ThumbnailHvort skyldi vera sannara?!
    Unborn babies dont vote. Welfare moms do.

Image result for prolife 3rd month pro-life Family Research Council collects sonograms and newborn photos for its "Im Pro-Life Because..." campaign.

PS. Geta ber ess, a vert mti v sem tla mtti afnbirtri grein hr (Trump me lfinu ...)er uppi mikil ngja meal lfsverndarsinna vi vihorf hans einmitt essu mli, sbr. essa samantekt um afstu hans og Hillary Clinton, sem er miklu fgafyllri fylgispekt sinni vi fsturvgsstefnuna. Mtmla kgun kirkjunnar
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

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