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Vera glaus or formanns Samfylkingarinnar til a fjlga fstureyingum?

Hann fullyrti a 12. viku megngu s etta ekki fstur, bara "frumuklasi". Orum hans slegi upp va. Hva hugsa jafn-upplstar lttar konur t fr slku fr virtum manni? "Iss, ekkert ml, bara frumuklasi"!

Image result for logi EinarssonVarla bezti vinur fddra, ekki enn! Image result for unborn 12 weeks12 vikna fstur -- og nstu mynd: 13 vikna fstur snu nttrlega umhverfi:

Flokksformaurinn getur me essu veri a auka enn sknina fstureyingar, en hn hefur aldrei veri meiri hr landi en fyrra: alls 1.021 fstureying, nr 100 fleiri agerir en 2015! ar a auki tlar hann a leggjast af alefli sveifina, a framlengja megi dauarefsingu hinna fddu (alsaklausra) upp fullar 22 vikur (fimm mnui) eftir getna!

En grtlega ffrur var essi stjrnmlamaur, egar hann snarai sr rustl Alingi 27. fyrra mnaar me snalvitlausu sjnarmi.

N er komi a honum a sna byrg. Logi Mrverur a reyna a leirtta or sn, Alingi og fjlmilum, svo a au hafi ekki au farslu hrif a lta konum finnast sem a s ekkert ml a fara fstureyingu fram a 12. viku megngu, ef ekki talsvert lengur.

Ea tlar hann a taka byrg kvrunum eirra, byggum hans "upplsingum" um a etta s nnast ekkert ml?

tlar hann a endurgjalda eim tilfinninga- og fjrhagstjni af v, ef r vegna alls arfrar fstureyingar vera frjar ea lenda erfium og httulegum fyrirburafingum eirra sari barna, sem r vilja eiga?

Hr eru rjr myndir: 8 vikna fstur, nst 12 vikna, loks 11 vikna "eytt" fstur (ekkert eirra "bara frumuklasi," hva sem menn halda hjfrimist Samfylkingarinnar):

8-week Fetus12-week Fetus11-week Aborted Fetus

smu heimildargrein er lkafrlegfrsgn,hr!

Logi Mrformaur tti a lesa greinina, sem hr fer eftir, bygga kafla bk fyrrv. heilbrigisstarfsmanns vestan hafs. ar kemur kona 9. sinn til fstureyingar og tekur henni harla lttilega, en loksins, egar a alvrunni kemur, getur hn teki rtta kvrun, v a fram a v hafi henni veri haldi oku vanekkingar. essi frsgn er hr af vefnum LiveActionNews(feitletrun JVJ; Logi Mr og arir jafn-illa settir geta srstaklegaveitt eftirtekt essum orum: "Angie had no doubt heard pro-abortion rhetoric. She had certainly been told that abortion is onlyremoving a ball of cells, a piece of tissue, or an undeveloped mass" og skoa svo framhaldi):

Abby Johnson’s book The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories collects firsthand accounts from former abortion facility workers. The stories vary in theme, each one an abortion worker’s memory of an event that stuck with her after she left. One story, called “Frequent Flyers,” is about a young woman who had nine abortions.

The chapter’s author, who is unnamed, explains how women who came in for repeat abortions at her facility were called “frequent flyers” by the staff. Even though abortion facility workers were committed to promoting and providing abortions, some of them had judgmental feelings toward these “frequent flyers.” The abortion facility worker says:

When Angie walks through our doors for her ninth procedure, even those of us whose paychecks were funded by abortion shook our heads and said “Really? Seriously?”…

Although it went against my own ideology, I wanted Angie to show some indication of remorse. I didn’t want to feel that way about the numerous women who presented for abortions two, three, or even four times. But nine? That, I felt, deserved at least a slight show of regret or even a bit of good old-fashioned shame.

Angie showed no trace of guilt or any kind of distress when she came to the abortion facility. She had laughed through her first abortion, and every abortion since. It was not at all different when shecame in for her ninth. The abortion facility worker described Angie’s demeanor:

[S]he seemed to regard her visits to our clinic as an opportunity to perform her improv comedy act. “Could y’all just xerox my chart and I’ll fill in the dates?” She would jest. Once the paperwork was in order, Angie would attempt to banter with the girls in the waiting room. “It’s no big thing,” she assured them. “I’ve done it 8 times before, and I have no regrets.” Although I couldn’t help but like Angie, her flippancy appalled me.

She showed no guilt or remorse of any kind:

Over the years, I had consoled and held the hands of scores of women who approached that same table with much trepidation. Some would weep, their knuckles white as they gripped my hand until it ached. Others would clutch Bibles to their chests and mouth prayers begging for forgiveness, even before the abortionist had begun his work and when their babies were still safe in their wombs. Many times women would climb onto the table and remain limp and unresponsive during the procedure. Mentally, they were a million miles away. And then there was Angie… Angie never even attempted to explain herself. When we would talk to her about birth control and try to set her up with an appointment to explore the matter further, she would just smile and politely refuse with a wave of her hand.

Angie was using abortion for birth control, not bothering to learn any other method. She may have gone on to have nine more abortions – but something happened. (Og formaur Samfylkingarinnar taki srstaklega eftir essu:)

Angie had no doubt heard pro-abortion rhetoric. She had certainly been told that abortion is onlyremoving a ball of cells, a piece of tissue, or an undeveloped mass. But after her ninth abortion, she was curious and wanted to see the “tissue” for herself. She asked the abortion worker to show her the remains of the abortion, and the abortion worker complied. At 13 weeks, her baby was fully formed.

I debated about how to arrange the pieces. Would it be best to throw them all together in a clump so that none of the parts would be recognizable, or should I piece it back together as we normally did to ensure that none of the parts were missing. There was no protocol on such things, so in the end I opted to piece the parts back together.

Angie’s reaction was not what the abortion worker anticipated:

“Thanks,” she said, her trademark smile still fixed on her face. When her eyes traveled to the container, she gasped sharply, and for the first time since she had arrived, Angie was utterly silent. A few moments later her entire body shuddered and gooseflesh was raised on her smooth brown arms.

When she reached out her to touch the baby, I tried to pull the dish away. She grabbed my wrist and stopped me. We were both silent for a few moments as she continued to stare at the contents of the dish. I stepped back and Angie fell forward to her knees, her fingers still wrapped around my wrist. The other girls in the recovery run began to take notice, and my discomfort level rose exponentially.

Realizing her mistake, the abortion worker tried repeatedly to take the dish containing the bloody body parts away. But Angie held tight to the remains of her child, and wouldn’t let the abortion worker pry it from her hands. The abortion worker said:

[Angie] remained frozen on the clinic floor. “That’s a baby,” she said, barely audible at first. “That wasmybaby,” she said. Her volume steadily increased as a torrent of words poured from her mouth, words that made everyone extremely uncomfortable. “What did I do? What did I do?” she said over and over and began to sob. Some of the girls in the recovery run began to weep along with her. Some covered their faces with their arms or buried their heads in the arms of the recliners.

Finally, the abortion facility workers were able to tear away the dish. Angie became hysterical. Other abortion workers tried to calm her.

Fellow workers rushed to my side to calm Angie down. After a few minutes, it became obvious that she wasn’t going to calm down. We couldn’t even get her off the floor. After discussing it hastily, we decided to drag her to the bathroom. At least the heavy door would stifle her sobs to until we figured out what to do.

Angie flailed her arms and legs and her screams reached a fever pitch as we dragged her down the hall. We must have been quite a spectacle for the other girls in the recovery room. Finally we managed to place a still panicked Angie in the bathroom and closed the door. I suggested that she splash some cold water on her face and “pull herself together.” Her cries, although muffled, were easily distinguished through the door.

Angie began begging the abortion workers to take her mutilated baby home with her. She did not want to part with her child, even though herchild was dead. She pleaded with the workers to give in and let her have the baby. They refused. She continued to sob and wail in the bathroom, disrupting the entire facility.

The abortion workers finally went to her paperwork and found her emergency contact – the number the facility was supposed to call in the event of a life-threatening complication. They dialed the number and got her current boyfriend. He arrived at the clinic. It took him45 minutes to coax Angie out of the bathroom. They both left the abortion facility intears.

Angie never came to the facility again. The writer of the story does not know what happened to her. The road ahead of her, onceshe realized her responsibilityfor the deaths of nine of her children, would be agonizing to travel. We can only hope she found healing.

Sometime later, the abortion facility worker who showed Angie her aborted baby left the abortion business. She does not give her reasons why, but the story of Angie and her emotional agony no doubt influenced her.

How many women go into abortion facilities not knowing how developed their children are? How many repeat abortion patients have no idea their babies werepulled limb from limb and then thrown out with the trash or sold for parts? All of the abortion facility workers that day discovered that the truth is the ultimate enemy of abortion. They were reminded how vital it is to keep the facts away from vulnerable women if abortion is to be sold to them.It was the only way to continue making money off them.

Source: Abby JohnsonThe Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories(San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 2016) 71-77.

JVJ. Fjlgun fstureyinga ekki venjuleg
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Stop killing us!

This is the hand of an unborn child, 12th week after fertilization – it is as if it is saying:
Stop! Not an inch farther! Leave us alive! We are as innocent as innocent can be!

Let us spare the lives of the unborn. But the cruel fact is: They are not spared!

This is the great sin of the West. Much of it occurs even at the cost of deadly pain.

Jn Valur Jensson.

PS. More photos of the unborn can be seenhere. On the writer's information service Lfsrttur (Right to Life), seehere. He is also chairman of the board of the registered charity Mir og barn (Mother and Child), est. in 1987, in Reykjavik, Iceland, which has helped many single mothers (incl. pregnant ones) with subsidized rent.

Endurbirt af ensku /fjltungu-bloggi hfundar (12. okt. 2013) a gefnu tilefni.

jin er EKKI hugasm um hersku tillgurnar um a leyfa fstureyingar til loka 22. viku fr getnai n a konur ri v algjrlega n a nafni athfisins veri breytt "ungunarrof"!

Tkum eftir, a a eru rmlega fimmfalt fleiri andvgir v en hlynntir a auka heimildir til fstureyinga. a auka heimildir til fstureyinga?var spurt vef tvarps Sgu. Tilefni er hin trlega tillaga grunsamlega skiparar nefndar a leyfa r a lokum 22. viku a sk konu! En jin reynist svo sannarlega ekki hugasm um etta! Niursturnar nefndri knnun uru sem hr segir:

NEI sgu 77,01%.

J sgu 14,68%.

HLUTLAUSIR voru 8,31%.

5,2 sinnum fleiri sgu NEI vi essum hugmyndum um lagabreytingar heldur en hinir, sem sgu J.

Barn ftt eftir 22 vikna megngu* (lifi af; fleiri eru dmi ess):


*Nnar hr:


etta er srstaklega til athugunar fyrir ingmenn llum ingflokkum Alingis sem eru eim buxunum a tla sr a gefa konum frjlst skotleyfi sn fddu brn allt til loka 22. viku megngu!

Aldur (Alter) er tekinn fram vi myndirnar; gott er a smella hverja mynd fyrir sig til a sj hana strri:

Entwicklung des Menschen im Mutterleib - Das Wunder des Lebens

4) Zeitraum: 13. Woche bis zur Geburt
13. Woche
Das Kind hat seine -durch Abtreibung bedingt- gefhrlichste Zeit in seinem Leben berstanden (falls eine Behinderung ausgeschlossen werden kann). Fr den Menschen ist der Mutterleib einer der gefhrlichsten Orte in seinem Leben geworden ist. Fast nirgends ist der Mensch schutz- und wehrloser als an diesem Ort(in Berlin wurde im Jahr 2000 fast jedes 3.(!!) ungeborene Kind abgetrieben).Jetzt dauert es noch ca. 6 Monate bis das Kind geboren wird und den Mutterleib verlsst. Alle Organe o.. sind bereits vorhanden und entwickeln sich nur noch, es kommt nichts mehr neues hinzu. Es ist im Prinzip vergleichbar mit der Entwicklung eines Suglings zum Erwachsenen. Auch ein Sugling kann ohne fremde Hilfe nicht berleben.

14. - 17. Woche
Der Ftus bewegt Kopf, Arme, Beine und Lippen. Die Augen und die Ohren erreichen ihre endgltige Position. Die individuellen Linienmuster auf Finger- und Zehenkuppen bilden sich. Der Kreislauf ist voll funktionsfhig.

18. - 20. Woche
Die Frau beginnt die Bewegungen des Ftus zu spren.
Die Bewegungen werden koordinierter. Das Greifen und Strecken ist ntig fr den Wachstum der Muskeln, des Skeletts und fr die Entwicklung der Feinmotorik. Er kann bereits am Daumen nuckeln.

21. - 23. Woche
Der Schlaf-Wach-Rhythmus bildet sich, der Ftus sucht sich eine bevorzugte Schlafposition. Die Phase des schnellsten Gehirnwachstums beginnt. Sie hlt bis ins fnfte Lebensjahr des Kindes an. Der Ftus kann krftig greifen. Die Gehrknchelchen sind funktionsfhig, so dass der Ftus mtterliche Atem- und Herztne sowie die Stimme erkennen kann. Ab der 22.Woche (24.SSW) kann ein frhgeborenes Kind ausserhalb der Gebrmutter berleben, und spter ein normales Leben fhren.

24. - 27. Woche
Hirnstrommuster beweisen, dass die Seh- und Hrzentren aktiv sind. Die Gefe der Lungen bilden sich, um das Kind auf das Leben an der Luft vorzubereiten. Die Wirbelsule ist komplett. Die Hirnstrommuster erreichen in der 27. Woche Geburtsreife. Die Lungen werden atmungsfhig. Saugen und Schlucken funktioniert. Die Augen ffnen sich und haben Wimpern.

28. - 29. Woche
Die Furchung der Grohirnrinde ist sichtbar. Der Ftus ist bereits gut 37 cm lang. Regelmige Atmung und die Kontrolle der Krpertemperatur werden jetzt vom Gehirn bernommen.

30. - 31. Woche
Unzhlige Verbindungen zwischen Nervenzellen des Gehirns werden hergestellt. Die Iris des Auges nimmt Farbe an, die Pupille reagiert auf Helligkeitsunterschiede. In der Gebrmutter wird es so eng, dass das Ungeborene die typische "Ftalpositiion" einnimmt.

32. - 35. Woche
Die Augen sind beim Wachsein offen und schlieen sich im Schlaf. Das Immunsystem des Ftus bildet sich aus.

36. - 37. Woche
Der Krper hat die typisch rundliche Babyform angenommen. Der Ftus dreht sich zu Lichtquellen. Er erreicht eine Gesamtlnge von 47 cm.

38. - 39. Woche
Der Kopf bleibt leicht verformbar, die Schdelnhte offen. So kann er sich an den engen Geburtskanal anpassen. Er kehrt danach selbststndig zu seiner rundlichen Form zurck. Mit 70 komplexen Reflexen ist der Ftus geburtsreif. Er ist etwa 50 Zentimeter gro und hat ber 300 Knochen, von denen durch Verschmelzung bis zum Erwachsenenalter nur gut 200 brig bleiben werden.

Endlich ist es soweit: Das neue Familienmitglied kann endlich auch krperlich wahrgenommen werden. Mit der Geburt beginnt der Sugling umgehend, selbststndig zu atmen und wird vom Plazenta-Kreislauf getrennt. 95% der Kinder werden zwischen dem 266 und 274 Schwangerschaftstag geboren (gerechnet ab der letzten Menstruation).
Biologisch gesehen ist die Geburt keine grosse einschneidende Grenze. Das Kind vor der Geburt unterscheidet sich in seinem Wesen in keiner Weise von dem Kind nach der Geburt. Was sich ndert, ist nur, dass ihm Nahrung und Sauerstoff nun nicht mehr ber die Nabelschnur, sondern von auen zugefhrt werden. Traurigerweise werden dem Menschen in vielen Staaten unserer Erde aber erst in diesem Stadium seiner Entwicklung die wichtigsten Grundrechte zugesprochen.

Zurck zur bersicht

Um "neyargetnaarvrn" - endurbirt grein r Morgunblainu

Hrer mjg frlega hluti a finnaum ungunar- og fsturml, enda urfti hf. a hafa miki fyrir heimildasfnun um mlin.

  • S notun neyargetnaarvarnar, segir Jn Valur Jensson, sem Reynir Tmas og Sley Bender mla me, strir gegn lgum.
ANDMLA verur mlflutningi Reynis T. Geirssonar Mbl. 25/10 og Sleyjar Bender 11/11 2000. Bi boa "neyargetnaarvrn" (NGV) sem rri takmrkun barneigna, en fara me rangt ml ofurkappi vi a koma essum pillum framfri.

Hr verur snt fram a forsendur eirra eru vsindalegar og a s notkun NGV sem au mla me strir gegn fstureyingalgum nr. 25/1975.

Hvenr hfst lf okkar?

Meginforsenda RTG og SB er a getnaur veri vi festingu "frjvgas eggs" slmh legs (sem sr sta undir lok 1. viku eftir frjvgun).

Enn er a frumatrii fsturvsisfrinnar (embryology) a lf okkar byrjar vi frjvgun egar egg og si sameinast. Hvort um sig hefur 23 litninga. Hvorugt rast til a vera mannleg vera, heldur eru hlutar mannlegrar veru. En eftir frjvgun er orin til mennsk vera (human being), lfkerfi me 46 litningum, sem einkennir hvern einstakling af mannkyni. essi vera fer egar a framleia sr-mannleg prtn og enzm, strir vexti snum og run sem mannleg vera, er egar nr, lifandi, mennskur einstaklingur, karl- ea kvenkyns (dr. Dianne Irving, byggt srfriritum: Larsen: Human Embryology 1997, ORahilly & Mller: Human Embryology and Teratology 1994, Moore & Persaud: The Developing Human 1998, Carlson: Human Embryology and Developmental Biology 1994).

hfuriti, Essentials of Human Embryology e. Moore, segir: "Mannleg run byrjar eftir sameiningu kynfrumu karls (sis) og konu (eggs) ferli sem ekkt er sem frjvgun (getnaur)." Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary: "Getnaur: Upphaf ungunar, egar kynfruma karls (si) frjvgar kynfrumu konu (egg) eggjastokk." "Okfruman er byrjun nju, mannlegu lfi (.e. fsturvsi). Hugtaki "frjvga egg" vi um roska egg sem frjvgast af si; um lei og frjvgun er afstain, verur eggi a okfrumu"; eftir a er raun ekki rtt a tala um "egg" (ORahilly & Mller, 16, Moore & Persaud, 2), tt sumir noti a villandi hugtak. Okfruma er einnar frumu fsturvsir (unicellular embryo) sem skiptist og roskast hratt nstu daga og vikur og er orinn 150 frumur, er hann festir sig a eigin frumkvi slmh legs.

S skoun, a getnaur veri vi festinguna (5-7 daga fsturvsir) og fyrr s rangt a tala um fsturvsi og mannlegt lf, er gosgn, ekki fr fsturvsisfringum komin, heldur gufringnum McCormick og froskarunarlffringnum Grobstein ritum fr 1979. msir hafa hent etta lofti til a rttlta framleislu pillum sem ekki aeins hindra egglos og getna, heldur binda enda lf fsturvsis. Til a fegra athfi tala lyfjafyrirtki og t.d. Planned Parenthood um "neyargetnaarvrn" egar tt er vi allt sem NGV kemur til leiar fram a legfestingu. v miur sverja Reynir og Sley sig ennan hp, en au breyta ekki vsindalegum stareyndum og vri smst a halda sig vi sannleikann.

Notkun NGV er lagabrot

t fr gefnum falsforsendum um getna afneita RTG og SB v a NGV s fstureying.

Fu- og lyfjastofnun Bandarkjanna segir hrif NGV renns konar: hindrun eggloss, torveldun flutningi eggs/sis um eggjaleiara [hvort tveggja afstrir getnai] og hindrun festingar legvegg [sem eyir fsturvsi].

Egg sem losnar konu lifir 12-24 klst.; tt si geti lifa 5 daga unz a nr eggi ea deyr, veldur etta v a mjg oft er notkun NGV hrifalaus, ar e konan er ekki frj. Gerum r fyrir a hn s norin ea nr orin frj. er tali a egar NGV hindrar ungun gerist a 57% tilvika me hindrun legfestingar fsturvsis, en s NGV tekin strax fyrstu 24 klst. eftir kynmk, hindrist festing 43% tilvika. Mlsvarar NGV vilja leyna hrifum hennar fsturvsa sem egar eru ornir til, en jafnvel Planned Parenthood viurkennir a sumar gerir NGV hindri oftar festingu fsturvsis en a afstra frjvgun. Schering, framleiandi NGV PC4, segir "aalmarkmi hennar a hindra festingu frjvgas eggs [sic] legvegg".

Niurstaa: egar NGV virkar er hn oft getnaarvrn, en oft veldur hn fsturlti: str hluti essara "varna" felst v a trma fsturvsi. ar er um fstureyingu a ra skv. tvrum skilningi laganna fr 1975 sem n til slkra tilfella fr getnai. Lgin gefa enga heimild til fstureyingar nema me umsgn 2ja lkna ea lknis og flagsrgjafa, einnig lknir a annast hana sjkrahsi. v er ljst a n er a v stefnt a brjta lg Alingis.

Frleit tylla vegna fsturlta

Reynir gerir lti r ingu ess, sem hann jtar, a NGV getur komi veg fyrir legfestingu, en me v er fsturvsi trmt. Rk hans eru au a a gerist "vi mjg margar nttrulegar frjvganir" a hi "frjvgaa egg" (sic!) leysist upp og hverfi me tabli. Hann hnykkir : "Meirihluti nttrulegra frjvgana verur aldrei a barni og etta er alveg sambrilegt."

Svar: Rannskn snir (Lancet 1983) a 8% fsturvsa heilbrigra kvenna farast fyrstu 2 vikum eftir frjvgun (ekki 29% eins og tali var knnun fr 1942-59, hva "meirihluti"). m benda a va um lnd er barnadaui af nttrlegum stum skari en 8%, en a gefur engum rtt til a skera hr hfi barna; og eins tt "nttran leyfi a" a ll deyjum vi, gefur a ekki rum mnnum rtt yfir lfi okkar. Eins geta nttrleg affll af fsturvsum ekki gefi neina heimild til a veitast a lfi eirra.

Lgbrotum andmlt - Lknar haldi lknaei
7/10 hefur Mbl. eftir heilbrigisrherra: "Hn segir a um nstu ramt komi sk. NGV-pilla marka sem veri ger mjg agengileg heilsugzlunni, m.a. me v a hn veri ekki lyfseilsskyld." SB segir Frslusamtk um kynlf og barneignir (FUKOB, tib Planned Parenthood) veita rgjf mib Rvkur ar sem stlkur geti "fengi lyfi n tafar", m..o. n lyfseils. a er lgbrot. Sala NGV n lyfseils ea vitals vi lkni er a auki httusm, NGV er fjarri v a vera eftirkastalaus ea henta hverri sem er me vissa sjkdmasgu a baki.

g lsi form rherrans og athafnir FUKOB lgleysu, eins og ljst er af lgunum fr 1975.

Lknum ber a halda eistaf Aljasamtaka lkna. ar segir: "g heiti v a vira mannslf llu framar, allt fr getnai ess."

Hfundur er gufringur.

GreininUm "neyargetnaarvrn"var upphaflega birt Morgunblainu 20. desember 2000. a er athyglisvert, a bi yfirlkninum Reyni Tmasi og Sleyju Bender var ora vant a svara eim rkum sem fram voru sett greininni, og hafa au stafest essa uppgjf sna me endalausri gn vi trekari birtingu hennar.

Hrap frjsemi slendinga: einungis 1,75 brn hvert par! – stefnt a islamsvingu landsins?

slenzki ttstofninn verur niurlei jahafinu me essu framhaldi. Til ltils er a auka velmegun og ll heimsins appart heimilinu og blskrum okkar (blar fleiri en menn!), v a lfsgi eru meira en peningaauleg.

Frakkar virast skara langt fram r okkur, me 2,15 brn fdd hverja konu, en a eru blekkjandi tlur: 1. til 4. kynslar mslimakonur munu standa bak vi allmiki af eirri fjlgun fingum, og mun hraar stefna a islamsvingu landsins, enda byrja r konur (eins og r tyrknesku) fyrr a eiga brn en vestrnar konur almennt. Hj okkur var mealaldur frumbyrja ri 2016 27,7 r, en talu ri 2015 var hann 30,8 r og mealtali 28 lndum Evrpusambandsins28,9 r.

Geta slendingar ekki betur en etta? J, eir eiga a geta a, en ekki me v a slenzkir karlmenn lti gelda sig strum stl;mun fleiri karlar fara frjsemisagerir heldur en konur sustu 11 rin. ri 2015 voru r 625 alls. [2]

Fsturdeyingarnar taka ungan toll af slkenzku jinni."Um 18% af eim konumsem uru ungaar hr landi ri 2013 tku kvrun a fara fstureyingu." [3] Vilji slendingar almennt -- eins og nverandi rkisstjrn og jafnvel dmsmlarherrann Sigrur . Andersen [4] -- stefna a hrari fjlgun mslima hr landi og taka ar me tt keppni nokkurra Evrpulanda a islamsvast sem fyrst (og sum eirra mjg verulegum mli egar komi verur fram um nstu aldamt), eru au sannarlega " rttri lei"!

En jin hefur reyndar aldrei veri spur lits v. Stjrnmlaflokkarnir taka sna afstu me einum ea rum htti (auvita almennt n samrs vi kjsendur) og helzt me essari stefnu, a einumundanteknum, en mesta andstan vi hann er "Bjrt framt" sem vill fjlga landsmnnum (auvita me strfelldum innflutningi) 800.000 manns fyrir mija ldina!!!

Kann essi j ftum snum forr? "a verur bara a koma ljs!" verur lklega svar eirra krulausu!

En sleppa svo essar gestrisnu mttkujir mslima vi hryjuverk? Ekki er a lklegt, og sennilega er n komi a gestrisnasta landinu,Svj, me rsinni almenning miborg Stokkhlms um 1-leyti dag, 7. aprl, me v a aka vrubl inn manngra, ar sem a.m.k. rr eru ltnir og 8 srir. Einn riggja rsarmanna hefur nst. Fljtlega kemur vntanlega ljs, hverjir essir menn eru. En Stefan Lfven, forstisrherra Svjar, hefur n egar lst essu sem hryjuverki.

[1] Og reyndar hvetur Erdogan Tyrklandsforseti tyrkneskar konur Evrpu til a eiga fimm brn hver, til ess a flta fyrir islamsvingu lfunnar!

[2] Heildarendurskoun laga nr. 25/1975, um rgjf og frslu varandi kynlf og barneignir og um fstureyingar og frjsemisagerir, nv. 2016, bls. 17-18.

[3] Sama rit, bls. 16.

[4] etta kom fram vitali Arnrar Karlsdttur vi Sigri Andersen tvarpi Sgu 27. marz sl. (slin kemur eftir).

Jn Valur Jensson. Frjsemi minni en nokkru sinni
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