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"Myrkraöflin heyja stríđ gegn lífinu," segir háskólamađur sem kaţólskur háskóli svipti kennslurétti

Kaţólski háskólinn í Louvain byrjađur međ "ögunarađgerđir" gegn Stéphane Mercier

A pro-life philosopher has been disciplined by a Catholic university because he expressed his opposition to abortion.

Stéphane Mercier, a lecturer in philosophy, has been suspended from teaching at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), in Belgium, after distributing a pro-life paper to students for them to think about.

Mercier told the Catholic Herald that he had asked students to “reflect on the arguments by themselves. I said repeatedly that no one should feel forced to agree with me.”

He added that he had only been encouraging the students to consider the issues. “I did my job, and I’m now under a disciplinary procedure which really doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Mercier was suspended after a protest from the feminist campaign group Synergie Wallonie.

The group drew the university’s attention to the written text accompanying Mercier’s lecture. He says he often distributes a text to help students think about the lecture and review their notes. The paper questions the concept of a “right to choose” an abortion.

Mercier told the Catholic Herald that pro-lifers were contending with dark spiritual forces. “The worldly powers that be, and the spiritual powers of darkness, are at war with everything truly Christian. So we’re fighting for life and for the Lord’s commandments against evil powers.”

However, he said, although the situation was “exhausting”, “I’m at peace, because the Lord himself is our strength in the fight. The Holy Virgin crushes the serpent’s head. My fiancée is a strong support.”

He asked for prayers, saying: “I entrust myself to every Catholic’s prayer to stand firm, so that God brings forth supernatural peace to my family and me.”

In the paper which Synergie Wallonie objected to, Mercier argues that the acronym “IVG” (Interruption Volontaire de Grossesse) to describe abortion is comparable to Orwellian “Newspeak”.

Mercier writes: “It is a euphemism that conceals a lie: the truth is that abortion is the murder of a innocent person. And it is a particularly despicable murder, because the innocent in question is defenceless. The murder of an innocent person capable of defending himself is revolting; but to attack someone who does not have the strength or the resources to defend himself is even more dreadful.”

The university decided to investigate. It has not announced its findings, but says on its website that it has begun “disciplinary proceedings”, and has “also decided to suspend the two courses for which Stéphane Mercier is responsible until further notice.”

UCL’s statement added that “in the spirit of the 1990 Act decriminalising abortion,” the university “respects the autonomy of women to make this choice, in the circumstances specified by the legislator.”

Mercier pointed out that Catholic bishops sit on the university’s board. “So how can another delegate from the University say that my pro-life stand is at odds with the values of the university? It doesn’t make any sense.”

He said he had challenged the university authorities on their decision: “I asked what their ‘values’ could be if they don’t include the dignity of human beings, but we’re still waiting for the answer.”

The university has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Myndin er frá Louvain-háskóla.

Ţessi grein er eftir Dan Hitchens, ađstođarritstjóra The Catholic Herald, annars helzta vikurits kaţólskra í Bretlandi.

Ţessi frétt ebćtist viđ fleiri ţar sem róttćkir og yfirleitt fámennir ţrýstihópar öfgafemínista reyna međ uppivöđslusemi ađ stýra ţví sem ţeir vilja stýra í samfélaginu, m.a. gagnvart löggjöf um ófćdd börn, en einnig m.a. međ ţví ađ vilja útiloka menn, sem hafa tjáđ sig um málefni kvenna eins og "frelsun geirvörtunnar", frá ţví ađ halda tónleika í Verzlunarskóla Íslands! (sjá hér).



Record number of abortions in spite of the extra 'morning after pill' and a decline in pregnancies. Immigration the solution?

The web medium Iceland Monitor:

Last year, 2016, a record number of abortions took place in Iceland with a total of 1.021 abortions. This is the first time that the number of abortions in one year surpasses a thousand. 

In 2016, 13 abortions were made to every 1000 women of a fertile age. In comparison, that figure is 13.3 in other Nordic countries in 2015. 

The birth-rate of Icelandic women in childbearing age has, for the first time, declined as low as to 1.75 children per woman, far below the minimum replacement figure of 2.11. This means that the Icelandic nation will not, going on like this, be able to stop shrinking markedly, except by way of importing new citizens.

This last-mentioned option may, indeed, "solve" the issue in some people's mind, but, then, it will not be done without raising new problems, too.

The greatest of these are the consequences of mass immigration of moslems, which may seem minor or marginal in the beginning years, but rise to a gigantic problem in the ensuing decades, not just because the moslems are breeding at about three times more speed than the indigenous population, but also because some of their their social traditions, disrespect of women, harmful behaviour towards women and young girls (painful and permanently damaging circumcision, practicesd by a lot of Pakistanis and some other nationalities in Scandinavia and Britain, for example), hostility preached in many of the mosques against Western values and ways of living, also the teaching of Sharia law, and strict Sharia punishments inflicted upon members of muslim sects in the hosting Western countries, all this and more shows that adaption of muslims to European society is far from being easy, and their Westernization virtually impossible, speaking of their communities as a whole, though many individual exceptions do admittedly exist.

People tend to think that these problems will fade away, and that moslems in Europe will gradually become secularized as the rest of society, and that mixing of ethnicities and religion (as well as of the non-believers) will lead to a more moderate outcome on the whole. But this is exactly in contradiction to what has been taking place in many Western European countries such as in Britain and in Scandinavia, where 2nd and 3rd generation moslems often tend to become more religiously radicalized than their parents. And this has much to do with the mosques being used for such ideological campaign aganst Christianity and unbelief. Clear examples of this may be looked up in excellent books already translated into Icelandic: 

(To be continued.)

Sjá einnig hér: 

Hrap í frjósemi Íslendinga: einungis 1,75 börn á hvert par! – stefnt ađ islamsvćđingu landsins?


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